I’m not sure much needs to be written about Thailand….beautiful resort, lots of sun, continuous swimming, continuous eating (mmm buffet breakfasts!), lots of cheap beer, lots of sunscreen and most of all lots of relaxing….all on a continuous loop for 12 days!
As of today, we have 3 more sleeps….then HOME!!! So many mixed emotions, from all of us! We can’t wait to see everyone we have missed so much over the last 7 months but not looking forward to the return to normality…school lunches, homework, cooking…the list goes on! What a most spectacular time we have all had…memories forever & ever.
I will write one more post…I think once I get home and it all sinks in. But for now…..I need to get back to the sun. :)


ENGLAND #9 (Winchester)

Off we went for our last night in the UK, to Winchester to stay in Matty’s parents house, of which part is a 5 star B&B. It was such a lovely accommodation and Heidi & Derwin looked after us so well. We had cups of tea on the balcony and then a delicious home cooked meal.
In the morning we were utterly spoilt with the most amazing breakfast… it really was 5 star! Then with a good belly full we walked in Winchester, which we’d discovered used to be the capital of England!!! Who knew…as you could imagine there was so much history and beautiful buildings. The girls favourite was the round table which was that of the “Knights of the round table”! It was huge!
We then caught up with Max, another of Paul’s gappy’s, for lunch at a local pub beer garden before heading home to get packed up.
We were all soooo excited to be heading to Thailand…somewhere we knew, closer to home, the warm weather, the pool, etc etc. All just a little delay of putting off the inevitable return to reality! Eeek. But a great place to get over jet lag!

ENGLAND #8 (Guildford)

Next stop was Guildford to catch up with gorgeous Gill who I hadn’t seen for 18 years (again!). She has two lovely kids, Max & Katie. Max was finished school for the school year but poor old Katie still had to go.
Our first afternoon we met their dog & little pony and then once we’d collected Katie from school we went to the stables to see their riding horses (I’m sure there’s some official horsey title but you know what I mean). The smaller one Katie rides and is just starting competitions with her and the younger but bigger one, Gill rides. And will maybe start back competing after quite a few years away. While we were there Gill saddled up Poppy (the smaller mum) and the girls & I all took a turn on her. The girls were quite freaked out and didn’t last long but I quite enjoyed it.
Then it was back home for a lovely dinner before Bunny & Thelma arrived. Then there was some spirited table tennis playing of which Max & I are the reigning champs…mind you one of our opposition players was 84 year old Bunny!! You should see him move! Then a quick game of cards to finish off our night.
We had the morning over at Rokers farm (which Bunny & Thelma own) with Gill & Max. Paul played golf on their golf course with the boys while we took the girls into their huge play centre. They also have a huge produce business there too.
We had the best time catching up and I’m hopeful it won’t be so long between visits next time!

ENGLAND #7 (London Part 2)

Whoops another delay…seem to have arrived in Thailand and gone into holiday mode.
So going back a few weeks now we arrived back in London and met with Krista, Matty & Minnie (who we’d met skiing) for dinner in Greenwich. It was warm enough for a summer dress and to eat outside! Yep!
The next day we had a “Greenwich day”. We visited the famous Greenwich markets…yum!! So much activity and amazing people watching to be had. Then we went to see the Cutty Sark which is a huge old boat (pirate ship!) which in it’s day had shipped wool from Australia. We then walked up through Greenwich park to the Greenwich Observatory. The girls loved learning all about Greenwich meantime and seeing where the laser came out (which you see in the night sky).
Then on Saturday night we went into Southbank with Matty. He took us to this awesome bar which was in underground tunnels right near the Thames, then we walked over the bridge to grab dinner at an asian restaurant…so delicious, which was really close to the London Eye.
The next day we headed to Lords to watch England v Sri Lanka in the 4th day of the test. We had the best day with an awesome picnic and of course champagne! Oh, not to mention a bit of cricket thrown in! :)
We then finished off that day with a visit to Abbey Rd Studios where the Beatles recorded all their music. Of course, we recreated the very famous album cover on the zebra crossing (after a quick google search to show the girls what we were talking about!).
We had the best time in London with Matty & Krista and really felt like we experienced the “real” London…not all the touristy stuff. Can’t wait to go back and visit again.

ENGLAND #6 (Ilfracombe)

Stunning…. what beautiful countryside….amazing green fields & hills meets the rocky harsh sea & cliffs. We loved exploring Ilfracombe and were utterly spoilt by Sylvia!
The day after we arrived we had a drive around the surrounding little seaside villages & explored the quaint village of Clovelly (which after I arrived I realised I had visited 21 years previously with mum…weird feeling!!). It’s an old fishing village from around the 1500-1600’s with cobblestoned roads & white homes. There are no vehicles allowed on the roads so there are donkeys walking up & down the roads in order to bring in stock, food, etc. It was like stepping back in time.
The next day we walked all around Ilfracombe. It was very chilled and just what we needed.
We’ve just arrived back in London for Part 2 with Matty & Krista. WE came back via Stonehenge….yep big rocks…as the girls said!! Haha!

ENGLAND #5 (London Part 1)

First stint up in London, staying in Greenwich with Matty & Krista. Spent a few hours walking around & having lunch in Greenwich & Blackheath and then headed off for a bbq at Phil & Jasmine’s (people we’d met skiing in Italy).
The weather has been unbelievably mild…and the humidity is insane!
The next day we had the best touring day in London city! We caught up with Jezza for lunch (a huge yummy burrito!) and then headed off for a 3 hour bus tour and got to see the best of the city….. Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Tower & London Bridge, Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, St Paul’s Cathedral, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus….and so much more!!!
We then headed off to watch Charlie & the Chocolate Factory at the Theatre Royal…HUGE thank you to Matty & Krista who shouted us the tickets!! It was so totally amazing & I’d recommend getting to see it if you can…fantastic!!!
Off to Ilfracombe we go……

England #4 (Tunbridge Wells)

TUNBRIDGE WELLS – More great mates to catch up with (yes I know I’m repeating myself but we’re couch surfing our way all around the UK).
Had a lovely walk around the old town and saw the wells (which surprisingly have dried up….but they assure me it is being looked into!) and the old part of town (The Pantiles) from the 17th century.
The next day we headed to Hever Castle, which is where Anne Boleyn (one of Henry VIII’s wife’s) grew up. It is also where Henry VIII spent some nights while he was courting Anne. It is like a fairytale castle with a moat and is surrounded by the most beautiful gardens. The girls (& us) loved the water maze and hedge maze…even though Liv and I were terrible with the hedge maze and got quite lost!!
The next day we had a walk around the lake and did some “team” paddle boating…lots of fun was had by all. We all had lunch by the lake, perfect! We then followed that up with a much needed & much loved bbq. Yumm!!
On Saturday, we all jumped in the car and went up to watch Jamie in his 3rd day round of golf. He had a steady day and was well poised for the final day of play. We all got treated like VIP’s and the girls were pretty chuffed they had “special” passes!
We had a seriously special time with the gang and didn’t want to leave. We won’t be leaving it so long next time!!
Then it was off to London……